"Peter Foley's intricately thematic, deeply impassioned, evocative score with its haunting melodies, sweeping choral moments and driving undercurrents, captures the heart in an instant. But its most compelling quality is how precisely it captures the complex spirit of the story, from its poetic lyrics right down to the details in the orchestrations."
— CurtainUp

"As the current New York theatre season nears its final weeks it might be argued that the most emotionally charged, captivatingly written musical scene this time around depicted a young woman's discovery of a mathematical theorem proving a law of physics. Doesn't sound like something that sings? Well, add the dramatic element that by questioning religion through science she recognizes a simple elegance to the universe that solidifies her belief in God. Now that's musical theatre... joyful, engaging and intelligent."
— BroadwayWorld.com

"Succeeds at creating a world that is unlike anything that I have seen in a typical musical... A smart, interesting new musical about a world where the pursuit of knowledge is forbidden, with a great score."
— TheatreIsEasy.com

“... the power of Foley’s score... the melodic urgency, rhythmic variety, harmonic invention and orchestral sophistication of his music compel the attention... Phrases resonate in the memory: ‘Wheel in the engine,’ ‘I will breathe no word of this,’ ‘Symbol and sign.’ In a program note, Foley acknowledges a range of influences from Sufi plainsong to the rock band U2, yet what he has made of them is something uniquely his own.”
— The Philadelphia Inquirer

“(A) promising young composer who appears capable of straddling these two worlds (of opera and musical theater).”
— The New York Times

“Peter Foley has never failed me. No matter what the subject, no matter what the television genre, Peter has developed a score that enhances the documentary, the studio talk show opening, the non-profit video, and although I don’t produce ads, I’ve seen his work for an ad campaign that was brilliant.”
— Ken Witty, Executive Producer (Consuelo Mack WealthTrack)

“Peter Foley’s exceptional talent, his musicality and versatility, and his compositional ability have made him an integral part of the Art:21 team. We could not have achieved our success without him and his music. Peter has an extraordinary ability to translate the non-musician’s wishes, which are so difficult to express verbally, into musical form. We cannot imagine working on our fourth season without Peter!”
— Susan Sollins, Executive Producer & Curator (Art:21)

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